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    Join Me on Periscope for a Daily Live Book Reading & Discussion of Dita Von Teese’s ‘Your Beauty Mark’ #ditascope

    If you are a Dita Von Teese fan like I am, no doubt you have already bought your copy of her much anticipated book on beauty, ‘Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour‘, recently released and available on Amazon now. My copy arrived just last week, and I have been flipping through its near-400 pages with astonishment at how much detailed information it is packed with, all carefully guided with Dita’s trademark humility and down-to-earth honesty. It features hundreds of tutorial photos, glamour shots, and Parisian-style illustrations, and includes sub-sections devoted to Dita’s fellow artists and masters of beauty, style, and health. I have merely skimmed its pages so far, and am fascinated at all the little behind-the-scenes tidbits and opinions Dita shares with her readers–for example, after a strip-tease show, her shower water runs milky white because of all the body paint she wears on stage–she never lets her skin go naked, she says! Yet, learning about the fascinating performance artistry of this burlesque queen and fashion icon celebrity is only half the delectable enjoyment of what this book has to offer–it is an absolute treasure trove of useful, detailed information on how to tackle all areas of beauty, from make-up application, hot-rolling hair, cosmetic surgery, diet, exercise routines, and even how to deal with unwanted body hair. No wonder it took so long for her to finish it! Well, the wait has certainly been worthwhile. Thank-you for sharing your secrets with us, Dita!



    This is a book I simply cannot read on my own so I propose an international reading group via Periscope! If you have not discovered this live-streaming social media platform, well, well, let me introduce it to you!

    Periscope is a wonderful little app that allows you to make live videos and interact with viewers via their pop-up text messages. Tapping on the screen creates little hearts to show the broadcaster how much you like/agree/enjoy their video or whatever they happen to be discussing at the time. Every video you create expires within 24 hours, so often when you follow people you have to wait to be notified when they go live or check back to see if they created anything recently.

    I got into Periscoping just before I moved out of my ex’s when I was in the crux of my heartbreak. One night, rather lonely and exhausted with packing, I did a quick scope to see what it was all about and just tearfully blabbered on about my break-up and all the packing. The compassion and sympathy from strangers was truly touching and some of them made me laugh, really lifting my spirits. I made my first local friend on that first night as well, and I continue to get to know her almost every day through the app. I scope regularly now about my DIY projects with before and after, two-part scopes, to show off whatever I make in my craft room, or to talk about whatever book/tv show/work-related thing strikes my fancy. Though I have made a couple of friends and found broadcasters I admire who are entertaining or informative, there is a tendency toward vacuity for the majority of broadcasters and there seems to be an overwhelming number of roving, trolling men who never broadcast. I’m keen to meet more like-minded women, so I thought a live book reading of ‘Your Beauty Mark’ would be an excellent way to connect with them and share our passions.

    So, this is how I’m going to begin this little experimental project: Join me on Periscope @hexotica at 7pm AEDT from Monday, February 1 for 20 or so minutes of live reading followed by a live discussion, with more or less reading and discussion based on how many people join. I’ll cap each broadcast at 40 minutes because I am a busy woman with things to do and I don’t want to make the broadcasts too long for daily replays for those who can’t join me live. When we get the reading group going, I’ll then elect another host for the reading from whatever section we left off at for a time that suits them, and keep everyone notified of who to follow and when with a mini-scope. That way, those across the planet who can’t follow me live can follow someone else live and discuss that part of the book with them, and I can have an evening off when I need it and watch the replay at my lesiure. Let’s see how big we can make this and how far we can get through Dita’s book together! I think it’s going to be wildly fun, and hopefully just as informative. The book group will be hashtagged with #ditascope so it can be found online via Twitter and Facebook.

    Go to this page to work out what time 7pm AEDT is for your location. If it’s like 4 am for you, you can still catch the replay within 24 hours but you won’t be able to join the discussion (but you can still leave me hearts!) 🙂

    And finally, on Periscope you can find me @hexotica

    Lastly, comment with your Periscope profile name if you are already using the app so that I may find you!

    See you Monday night! Christine_of_Hexotica