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    Blue Lace Print Pants & Sexy Satin Halter Top Casual Gothic Outfit

    Recently, I threw out a bunch of low-rise jeans I’d despised for years and replaced them with comfortable cotton pants in a half-price thrift-shop shopping spree!


    I really hate low-rise pants.

    Thank $%#! they are out of fashion now.

    I only owned some because I use to work in wholesale fashion where I had to sell them.

    And it was nice having a pair of jeans in all my favorite colors.


    I get around everywhere on a bike these days, so I wear pants a lot, and though jeans are comfortable, cotton pants are more so.

    I found three pairs. This is the first one I’m blogging about: a nice dark blue cotton with a black lace print.
    An Outfit Post by Alternative Lifestyle Blogger Christine of Hexotica

    Usually, I wear a basic black top with this pair, but this outfit is from a birthday party pub crawl so it’s more glammed-up.

    I had also found this gorgeous satin halter neck vest with rosette details in the shopping spree, so I wore it over an off-shoulder cotton top (it’s not that warm here in Melbourne just yet!) and an ornate black sequin ‘statement’ necklace.

    christine_of_hexotica_gothicpinup_fashion I’ve been playing around with camera apps lately, so these next photos have some strong filter action going on…

    I posted these pics originally on my personal style and home decorating Instagram account, @Christine_of_Hexotica.

    I have three Instagram accounts, fyi:

    @Hexotica for the handmade creations I sell on Etsy,

    @Hexoticas_travel_diary for food, travel, and places around Melbourne, and

    @Christine_of_Hexotica for my personal alternative home decorating and fashion!



    Love the red velvet luxury of this photo! Which is to say, I love my doll-house lounge-room furniture, ha!

    “Yes, I am a lady of ze haus, welcome, welcome to my literary salon, darlings.” hahaha.

    christine_of_hexotica_gothicpinup_blogBlack and white filters are so forgiving!

    Believe me, my skin does not look this good in sunlight. hahaha.

    I’ll post the other two sassy cotton pants soon.

    I know, pants are not as exciting as dresses, clubbing outfits, or costumes for me either, but, you know…lyfe, right?

    It’s so casual for us 99%’er’s.

    Especially if you get around mostly by bike or do a helluva lot of walking everywhere, like I do.

    Those of us who don’t pretend we walk around in high-heels all the time.

    *cheeky grin*