Christine of Hexotica

Hi! I’m Christine Rice, a creative and unconventional woman who wants to help others like myself earn a living from their creative pursuits online and lead the alternative lifestyle of their dreams–like I’m now living mine!

And welcome to Hexotica, my alternative lifestyle blog that started out eight years ago in order to promote my gothic and burlesque styled handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

That quickly morphed into more of the personal fashion, DIY tutorial, and random topics blog you see now.

As I began to turn the e-commerce management and marketing skills I’d learned from Hexotica into a separate business, selling accessories and blogging became just a side hobby, and my posting became more and more sporadic.

But while helping small business owners with their social media and marketing over the last few years, the burlesque performers, goths, creative types and unconventional young women who bought my accessories and read my blog and knew that I’d begun freelancing reached out to me for help now and then.

I could see that they could really use some help with getting a online biz started, marketing it, and, most importantly, getting the confidence to find their place and thrive as creatives in a business and marketing world they did feel they fit into or understand very well.

I know how hard it is to start selling the things you’ve poured your heart into, or how to toot your own horn to sell it–I felt the same way when I started!

Yet, to survive as an artist today means to think of yourself or your art as a brand or a business, and that doesn’t mean you’re selling out or selling your soul–it just means you’re SAVVY! 

So if you’re keen to earn a living doing what you love, or live an alternative lifestyle like I am, check back here regularly as I address each of the issues I faced when starting Hexotica years ago, as well as the things I am learning now about digital nomadism, marketing, and social media.

If you’re an aspiring creative and unconventional woman, join my new Facebook group Savvy Women’s Accountability Network Support (SWANS) to share your progress and defeats with like-minded women who will help and support you on the journey.

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